Monday, June 25, 2012

Inferno...HOLY CRAP!

I enjoyed the game vastly right up to Hell difficulty, the third, and penultimate difficulty setting on Diablo 3.

Upon entering Inferno, it was like I hit a brick wall. I actually had an easier time of it a few weeks ago but, when Blizzard implemented Patch 1.0.3, my attack speed went down from 1.72 to around 1.10 and my Damage per Second went from around 22K to 12K. Not only that, the patch made repair costs so expensive that I end up losing more gold than making it.

Pre-patch, I was able to play right up to the Butcher. But post patch, I can barely get out of the Cathedral. I banged my head into Inferno like this until I almost became broke.

Of course, the solution to all this is to be more careful playing. Be more defensive so you will die less often. But believe me, the Elite monsters in Inferno are so powerful that you're going to die with one or two hits before you can even run away.

It has been frustrating and more than once I've logged off in anger.

Now I'm staying away from Inferno for a while. I've just been playing Acts 3 and 4 of Hell over and over just to stack up on Gold. Hopefully after a few weeks of this I'll be able to have so much gold I'll be able to buy better gear from the Auction House.

Because honestly, the drops I get from the game is just simply bad. On average, I've gotten only ONE useful gear in around two weeks of playing. In that same two weeks you amass enough gold to buy several good items of the Auction House. So what do you do? Just grind and grind or use the Auction House?

So yeah, that's what I've been doing lately. Once I get better gear, hopefully I start having fun again.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Starting Inferno

I haven't been able to post much here as I've been playing the game during my breaks from work. This game is incredibly addicting. I've fought my way through Normal, Nightmare, and Hell.

Now I'm about to take out the Skeleton King on Inferno difficulty.

Inferno is not kidding around. It's been incredibly difficult. The crazy thing is, the "Elite" creatures are actually far more difficult to beat than the big bosses. In fact, once in a while, I would actually skip Elites that I just could not kill. These are the ones with immune minions, lasers, and the ones that can yank you right in front of them and kill you with one or two blows.

It's crazy.

Since I'm already at Level 60 and that's pretty much the cap on leveling up, the only way to get stronger and build up more defense is getting better gear. That can be done through three things: farming, training your blacksmith and jeweler, or using the Auction House (which I use most of the time). I realized early on that it's such a waste using so much gold and wasted so much special items training the Blacksmith when he would give me next to useless items on the level I was on.

It's far easier to find really good items in the Auction House. Yeah, items there are crazy expensive as a lot of these sellers seem to be in it to get rich quick rather then be reasonable. I mean... 99 Million for an item? Are they INSANE? It's like they don't want their items sold at all. Who would be stupid enough to buy that?

All it takes is a little patience looking for powerful items that aren't expensive. The most expensive thing I bought was a 2 hander Daibo for my Monk that gave me 1K damage. I got it for around 200K.

Right now the Skeleton King is proving hard to beat but not impossible.
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